Thursday, February 16, 2012

London Eye Spy

While I am an avid and dedicated Backstreet Boys lover, NSYNC just came on my playlist and I am really enjoying jamming out to (Dirty) Pop right now.  And its not even my favorite NSYNC song! 
(and just so you know, top nsync songs include: i want you back, it makes me ill, girlfriend, and this i promise you)

Anyways.  Point is, a couple weeks ago I did something fantastic.

I like to call it: The Best 12 Hours.

My friend Maude, whom I met during my Paris Study Abroad 2006 (shout out to you guys! some of the best of the best went on that trip), is currently back in Paris doing awesome things.  And I'm in York, doing less awesome things.  Anyways, we'd been trying to plan a time to go and meet up somewhere and when it got down to it, we both didn't have a ton of options that worked with both our schedules (but the future months do look more promising).

So it was planned: 12 hours in London.  It's pretty much halfway between us and it turned out to be totally worth it.  

From an outsider perspective, it probably won't sound that amazing.  We wandered a lot, because we're both indecisive and didn't really plan any part of our day.  But it was so perfect.  We ate at chain restaurants (ps Wagamama is delicious!  and their staff is very international-we probably understood 13% of what our waiters said), we ate chocolate, we took the bus to its final destination without knowing exactly where it was going, we met a strange man who is a chef and who also took a picture of Maude on his iphone, we laughed until my stomach hurt (i can't speak for maude), we shared our individual yet same concerns over being so far away from our families and the pros and cons of international living, we ended up both having train delays and then miraculously ran into each other on the street outside of the stations, we saw London from the sky on the London Eye (after sitting through a very rough 4D experience), we met a nice Egyptian man on said London Eye (its actually a socially difficult situation on those things-like an elevator but worse.  you have to plan who you talk to and at what point you engage in conversation because you're going to be stuck within 10 feet of them for 20 minutes), we talked about things that were both embarrassing and hilarious, and we ate more chocolate.

It was so nice.

And now, a photo journey:
(to see things from Maude's perspective, you can click here!  she is way mo' betta at taking pictures)


Katie said...

The other day I was driving in my car and I yelled out, "6 Years?!" It just seems wrong to be away from Paris for that long.

Rachel said...

Jealous! And yes, that really was the best group of people :)