Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week. End.

So this is the last post on why this week was so awesome.  I thought about doing two more posts, but then that just sounded like too much work.  

Insert: collage of photographic evidence of good times

The pictures are in (mostly) the order they happened, so a brief rundown explanation:

1. While walking to pick up a car that Todd rented on a whim the night before, we came across this sign hanging in a window.  "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".  Just an fyi.
2. Todd drove because he is a man.
3-5.  It was pretty.
6-8.  The famous town Cockermouth (why oh why is there a town named this!?)
9. We got a call from Enterprise the morning we were going to pick up the car.  They said they had a shortage of vehicles and the only thing available was an estate van.  Awesome.  We took it.  It smelled like weed (the back would be perfect for hot-boxing, so i can't blame them).  Also, I want to say here that Todd did a great job driving on the wrong (right) side of the road, except for the first three minutes we were in the car and when we turned out of Enterprise-we maybe almost died.  But after that-smooth sailing.
10-11.  Todd taught me how to drive a manual.  I had had only brief experience with a stick shift before in my life, but I was cruising down those old country roads like a pro.  Anyways, I pulled over at this lake and it was pretty.  So we took pictures.
12-14. Whitehaven.  A town on the western coast of England.  Freezing.  But beautiful.

The rest of the pictures are from Wednesday.  I had class/work until mid-afternoon, so Todd wandered around York and we met up for a tour of the York Minster.  Lucky for us, we forgot it was Ash Wednesday and so it was free!  Bam.  Don't worry-I still made a donation.  We also went back that night for the Eucharist which was very cool.  That night also included a ride on the York ferris wheel (i seriously love ferris wheels) and a fancy dinner in town.  

Then he left.

The End.

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