Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conan Returns!

This weekend was a good weekend.

I went up to Glasgow (my first time in Scotland-woop woop!) and while I was there something amazing happened.

Well, lots of amazing things happened, but this one thing was pretty good.

Some background:

A couple years ago, I blogged about my reoccurring Conan O'Brien dreams. (you can read about it here)

As a quick recap, I used to have pretty consistent Conan dreams about every six months-almost on the dot.  It was/is weird, but it was also kind of funny.  Because Conan is funny!  Even in my dreams.  This lasted a long time, but then I had a Conan dream wherein him and I were not on good terms.  We got in a fight.

I haven't dreamed about Conan since.

That was in 2009.

Then, this weekend, Friday night.  I must've done something right, because Conan was back in my dreams.

And it was weird, because we weren't really friends in it like we used to be in my dreams.  But it was like we were rebuilding something that used to be there.  Continuing in the same relationship as before. 

Dream Conan and I were starting to reconnect.

Now, I can't explain why Bill O'Reilly and other forgotten 'celebrities' were in my dream.

But it doesn't matter.  Because Conan is back.

(ohhhmy gosh.  i just got this.  both conan and bill have irish heritage. maybe they were just coming out because i was so close to their homeland?  your thoughts)

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