Friday, March 9, 2012


I know some of you are wondering what kind of foods I'm eating while I'm here (besides subway)
 (or maybe you don't care but whatev's-i do what i want!)

First off, let me introduce you to the pasty (rhymes with nasty).

It is delicious.  And one of my fave snacky snacks in this country.  Its just a pastry that has meat and stuff shoved in it.  And they are delicious.  And cheap(ish).  

And the ever-so popular fish and chips:

I always say that if this country is famous for a giant fish stick and some french fries, then the rest of the cuisine probably isn't that great.  I mean, yeah, its fine.  But to be so famous?  I do not understand.

I also eat cheese.

Have a great weekend!


Katie said...

Oh, i CARE!

Charla said...

Dude. Pasties are the bomb! (pastys?) I used to get the sausage kind all the time. I know. Totally gross/delicious. Also the british love their sandwiches.