Tuesday, March 13, 2012


-Sometimes I get super fatigued and can sleep forever and am still tired.  This is what happened today.  This made working on some important essays very difficult, as I can't write about barriers to citizenship education with my eyes closed and drool coming out of my mouth.

-You have no idea how excited I am for this week to be over.  Because it means the end of term 2 of my program and the beginning to a month long travel extravaganza.  BAM.

-I ate ice cream and Doritos as a meal today.  Finals makes this acceptable, right?

-If any of you have suggestions on my future, please tell me.  I keep going back and forth on what my next move should be:
        -Do I teach abroad for one more year?
        -Do I move back to the states and get started on the field I'm really interested in working in?
Too many options.  Too many decisions.

-I didn't wear pants for 70% of the day.

-This is the video I made a couple weeks ago from my trip to London with Maude.  Warning: it shakes.  I'll get better some day.

(music: brett dennen dancing at a funeral)

-Final thought: I miss Taco Bell.

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Olivia Maude Lee said...

BEST MOVIE eva.that was so much fun. I wish I could give you some suggestions on your future...I will think about it. Ok, question, didn't you think for some reason that going to YORK was your last big decision for a REALLY long time?? Cause that's what I thought about France...and then I realized that there is life after France....just sayin'.