Thursday, April 26, 2012


Just a couple weeks ago I was expressing my confusion as to how people turn assignments in late.

Welp, karma decided to make me eat my words as today I officially turned in my very first late assignment.

It was a combination of errors, really.  Starting with me not actually working on my essays for the last month or so.  But then I got back to England on Monday, and I was sick, and add in some jet lag and my concert to NKOTBSB, the first two days back were just not helping.

Then I pull MY FIRST ALL NIGHTER.  Minus I fell asleep for about an hour, which also probably didn't help...but maybe it did.  Because I was starting to feel all sorts of crazy.  I'm so glad I never had to do that before.  It hurts me. 

And then bam.  I go to print off my essays, and one of the printers is broken.  And then when its my turn to print it starts recalibrating, and then I run to the office and I'm 10 MINUTES LATE.  The lady is like, "yo girl so sorry girl.  its late." And THEN she asks me why I don't have any footers on my assignment.  AND THEN I WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE.  Because I had footers when the paper was up on the computer-I don't know why they didn't print. So then, to save myself from losing any more points, I had to run back to the lab and reprint and run back and finally get those papers out of my life forever. 

Here's to hoping they have some sympathy, even though I probably don't deserve it. 

(i haven't been able to sleep since, either, because i keep worrying that now i won't graduate.  which is completely ridiculous and stupid for me to think, but i'm very irrational right now)

Anyways, other than that, I'm glad to be back in England.  MINUS THE CONSTANT RAIN FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS STRAIGHT.

the end.

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