Friday, April 27, 2012

The Brains

Don't worry.  The frustrations from my previous post are good and gone and after some solid refreshing sleep time, I am no longer fearing any kind of school blunder.

I will, however, say that the combination of jet lag, and being sick, and the all-nighter has left me with a much more confused sleep schedule than ever before.  I feel like such a sloth, but a well-rested sloth at that.

Next week I'll write more Italy recaps, but until then I'd thought I throw a shout out to my brother Aaron for graduating from BYU.  He's worked really hard at making it happen and I was really glad I could be out there for his ceremony.  And unlike some of us, he's really smart and graduated with degrees (yes-more than one) that are marketable!  And he already has a job!  Who does that?!

Aaron.  That's who.

Yeah, he's pretty smart.  Well done, Aaron.  

(And can I live in your basement when I'm still making minimum wage in like 24 years? THANKS)


Natalie said...

I was in UT for three BYU graduations, which were painful, to say the least. But you know what's even worse? At the grad dinner that night, Ricky told me he saw you at Ingrid show.

Let's just pour some lemon juice in my paper cut, why don't we??

Sometimes, life just stinks. And life without Cindy ALWAYS stinks.

Jill said...

I bet his basement will be nice. Maybe even nicer than ours (although probably not as well decorated). Good choice.

Cindy said...

Natalie!! I KNOW! I ran into Ricky and Mindy and the concert and we were chatting about you and so the next time its possible, we are going to meet and have a party. because its basically necessary at this point. ALSO you give the best comments ever. Also, can i read your blog?

Natalie said...

Yes! Send me a message at, and I'll send you an invite.