Monday, April 30, 2012


My brother Brian and I got to Rome on a Sunday.

Monday we woke up and our conversation went as follows:

"hey, you want to go to Naples?"


So we went to Naples.  

It was one of our worse train experiences of the trip, but we made it there.  And to be honest, we didn't have a lot of time there, but it was totally worth it.  We both left with some Napoli love.

Brian wore my socks (they lost his bags.  i blame myself because i frequently get my bags lost).

We got out of the metro and thought: this is legit Italy.  And then ate a pastry. 

 (props to Brian)
(props to Brian)

For dinner we ate at this random restaurant because it was basically one of the few restaurants we could find that was open.  Lots of those Napoli streets were ghost towns.  It turned out to be one of our better experiences though-not because of the food-but because of Johnny.

For most of our meal, we were the only two people in the restaurant (we would later be joined by an elderly Asian couple who probably left hating us) and Johnny was our server.  At one point, Brian and I started singing a Celine Dion song (why wouldn't we?) and Johnny kind of laughed but then he plugged his Ipod into the restaurant speakers.  We weren't sure if it was because he liked our singing so much it inspired him to do this, or if he didn't want us to sing.  He put on some random Italian jams and Brian used Shazam to find out what the song was.  We showed the results to Johnny to ask if it was the right song (Johnny didn't really speak any English so it was a game of charades) and he got really excited.  Then he brought his Ipod over so we could see what songs he had.

I was scrolling through and saw a Christmas album, so out of curiosity I clicked on it and the only song he had was "Oh Happy Day".  I started laughing, because why would he have this song?  Does he love Sister Act 2 as much as I do?  He took my laughing as a go ahead and so the next song he played on the restaurant speakers?  Oh Happy Day.

Naturally, Brian and I loved it.  We clapped, we sang, we danced. 

After that, Johnny played some Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

When we finally had to leave, it was like leaving an old friend (and a creepy dishwasher guy who kept popping up and watching us dance from the staircase).

I've missed Johnny every day since then.

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Natalie said...

"Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny!
How you can love!

Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny!
Heaven's above.
You make my sad heart jump for joy,
And when you're near I just can't
Sit still a minute, I'm so:
Oh! Johnny! Oh Johnny! Oh, Oh!"
((Insert Natalie's Fantastic Dance Moves here.))

Do you know that song? That's what's playing on my iPod right now, and I thought it was appropriate. I wish you had a video of all this going down. That'll be the first one I play when I get to heaven.