Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Facts!

Fun facts from my recent days:

Fun fact 1: Did you know that in England they don't believe in warm tap water?  It's either third degree burn hot or arctic tundra cold.  

Fun fact 2: Did you know that you can hang cheese in a bag out of your window and it stays good for days?!  Well, it at least tastes fine.  The real effects are TBD.

Fun fact 3:  The University of York has a strange love affair with fire safety.  Required at the beginning of the year was a lecture on how to react to fire.  There are also frequent fire drills.  You remember how in elementary school you would have maybe one..two a year?  Because its not hard to figure out: fire alarm=get out of the building.

Well, turns out university students here need a lot more practice than that, resulting in the alarm going off at 9 am this morning and me, after contemplating hanging out in my room and hiding from the fire safety guys, reluctantly heading outside with the rest of the kids (because even though you know its a drill, part of your brain, and all the training from your youth, makes you believe there is a small, tiny, minute chance it could be real).  Because of my delayed exit from the building, I was held back, along with two other stragglers, to be lectured by some old guy about how it should take less than 3 minutes for us to exit the building.  He asked multiple questions.  I remained silent.  I will not explain myself to you, stranger.  Plus, I had to put on pants.

Fun fact 4:  A few weeks ago marked my official first year of being bunion free.  Paul Bunyan and Babe are doing quite well, in case you were wondering.  Sometimes Paul gets a little crazy, but he soon settles.  Life without bunions has opened my eyes to a world I never knew.  And I can wear heels again.  Bam.

Fun fact 5:  Speaking of bam...I had to write up a rough draft of my dissertation proposal a few days ago and on my timetable section where I write when I plan on being done with certain parts of my dissertation, my very last projected entry was "Write my dissertation.  Bam" (specific, i know).  My supervisor's comment on this: J.  I'm such an academic.

Fun fact 6:  As of this afternoon, I have seen The Avengers three times.  

Three reasons why:

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in The Avengers (2012) (actor)

Fun fact 7:  I bought new sunglasses.  Even if there is no sun here.  They are probably my favorite purchase in a long time.

Also, yes, it is still cold enough to justify wearing a hat.  And yes, it is the middle of May.


Bridgette said...

I, uh, have also seen the Avengers three times, and for similar reasons.

roxanne said...

Those are three very, VERY good reasons.