Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Older

Remember when you were little and you would think about your future?  And you would envision something that just seemed so perfect and right?  And then you were so excited to get older because you knew, you just knew, that what you thought would happen would actually happen.

And got to that age that you dreamed of, and you realized life is exactly not what you had planned.  In fact, oftentimes, it is on a whole other level.

Me.  I never thought that I would live with, and share one, single kitchen with 14 other people, mostly from China (but also a couple from India).  In England.

Or I never thought I would be able to watch the same Seinfeld episodes over and over again.

I never thought I would be able to get my Masters degree.  And I most definitely never thought I would be interested in teaching English to people who have no idea what I'm saying.  And like it.

I never thought I would actually have the chance to eat dog.

I would never have guessed that I would love public transportation so much, finding the bus or train soothing and the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing (at which i am very gifted).

I never thought I would have been able to experience so many different cultures.  And find friends among strangers.

I didn't think I would ever enjoy eating tomatoes. 

I always hoped, but never imagined, finding friends as giving and loyal as I have.

And then you realize, because you're a mature adult now, that what you actually have in your life, is way mo' betta than anything you thought of when you were little. 

That is all.

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Olivia Lee said...

This is so true. Honestly, I love thinking about what I thought I would do when I was young. I didn't think I would do basically everything I do...sometimes I regret it, but I think you're right that sometimes it's 10X "mo' betta"