Friday, May 25, 2012


First off, I just want to know how any woman in a big city stays put together for one whole day?  Whenever I live/go to any big city for any amount of time, I get ready in the morning and then by noon I am a mess.  Especially when its hot.  There is no way I stay looking anything good for longer than an hour.  And when I get sweaty I don't get that pretty glistening-I get odious.  Any tips are appreciated.

On that note, you'll notice I took zero pictures of myself during this experience.  

I had a kangaroo burger for lunch.  I would have bought some zebra patties, except I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have survived the 5 hour bus ride back home. 

Yes, you caught me.  I paid the extra 50p for cheese.

This was all at the Borough Market, a cool little food market that sells some really random things (other interesting/popular spots were the duck sandwiches and goat-milk ice cream).

There is also more normal food.  I had a smoothie that was the closest thing to Jamba Juice I've had in a long time, and I bought some lovely French cheese.

And some people sold bread in little pots.  Cute, right?

(above: this just makes me think of Tobias from Arrested Development, or should I say Mrs. Featherbottom??)

It was for sure a successful market experience.

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