Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Presentation Fail

Today I had to give a presentation in my last class...ever.
(until i decide i want a ph.d?)

It was just an introduction of my dissertation topic, of which I will try to spare the blog community from until it's the only thing I have to talk about in my life (i.e. probably the end of July when it will be consuming my entire life-you're welcome ahead of time).

The presentation went smoothly, about as smooth as I could have hoped, and it's an area that my professor is unfamiliar with, which meant less intimidating questions during the Q&A.  She said she actually learned things from me-bam!  Academic world, watch out.  Cynthia is coming. (cynthia=my business name)

Our presentation has been a 'pass/fail', meaning some people only 'just pass', which actually means the exact same thing as 'pass'.  Some things don't make sense in my head, either.

Point of this story is, after class we had to go with our professor while she made copies of our evaluation forms for us.  There were just the five of us who presented today, and after we were all starting to leave, something horrible happened.

One of the girls asked my professor if she was pregnant.

No bueno.  

My professor, with her face quickly changing into a color of sadness and embarrassment, simply said, "No.  I can't believe you just asked that". 

And then she walked away.

Sometimes I don't know if these things are simply just cultural differences, but I was shocked.  Our professor doesn't really look pregnant, either.  Life is full of mysteries.  My advice to my friend?  Never, ever ask if someone is pregnant.  Ever.


Rachel said...

I love that story! A woman in my ward patted my stomach in church a while ago and said "oh, have you been able to get pregnant?" I was really confused...also, I probably won't wear that skirt again.

Natalie said...

For real?? Bwahahahahaha! No bueno indeedo! Your nice to still be her friend though. My idea is to give your professor a sympathy card. Something like, "Dear Professor, You don't even really look pregnant. She was out of line. Signed, Anonymous."