Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Weekend.

This weekend was pretty good.  

Some friends and I drove down to Birmingham on Friday night (just over two hours away) and made it back by sunrise on Saturday morning.  It was only made possible by our 2 am trip to the cheap fast food joint "Big Johns" where I consumed a pizza that was so hot my mouth is still recovering from the burn.

So awesome, right?

I was going to make a video of said evening, but I got lazy and so I technically only have footage from the car ride.  Also, I still need to make a video of Italy-now there is some good stuff waiting for you there.

Saturday my friend John, or rather his girlfriend, called me up and invited me to go over to the beach with them.  I may or may not have still been in bed, but 10 minutes later they came and we headed over to Scarborough.

I love that place.  It even makes fish and chips mo' betta.

Even when its freezing.  
(the sun was playing games with my heart all day)

And, I love matching.  Thanks, Scar'b!

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Olivia Lee said...

Love these pics. Cindy. LOOKIN' GOOD.