Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've spent more or less the last three days stuffed up in my room, with all intentions of making as much progress as possible on my dissertation.

It has been rather boring.  But exciting, because I love doing school work.  So much.  (NOT TRUE)

I have this desire to travel and go to a few more places before I leave England, but I also know I need to get some stuff done on my dissertation, so I've been trying to be pretty adult about this.  Which means boring.  I'm struggling between "You're in England.  Take advantage" and "You're a grad student.  Be responsible".  My life is so hard.

So I keep telling myself that if I get as much done as possible by Wednesday, I can take a trip this weekend.  Hold me responsible, friends.  My goals are totally reasonable, so I think I can do it.

Also, York has had a lot of beautiful days this past week.  

I love you so much more when there is no rain.

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