Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tom Part 2

And I'm not talking about Tom Cruise (although, RIP tomkat).

Last night I went and did what most Americans should've been doing last night.

Why, I went and saw the newest Tyler Perry movie!  Madea's Witness Protection gave me exactly what I was hoping for: happiness and laughter among racial differences.  That TP really knows whats up.

I was also more than pleasantly surprised to see my main man, Tom Arnold, show up at the beginning of the film.  He was only in there for a few minutes, but those few minutes gave me a natural high.

I love Tom.

So naturally, in the movie, I announced that Tom had replied to my tweets before.  Which basically means I know him.  Which means I am famous by association.  Well, kind of famous I guess.

Then this morning I decided to tweet about this.

(also i still feel silly saying anything 'tweet' 'retweet' etc.  but i do it nonetheless).


I feel weird about how good we look together.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I also went to Paris

After the parentals and Erik left England, my brother Aaron and I hopped on a 9 hour bus ride to the one and only Paris.

I love Paris.

The bus ride wasn't really as bad as it sounds.  Since it was an overnight ride, I slept surprisingly well.  We had to get up and go out on the ferry when we crossed the English Channel, but that wasn't much of a problem.

And then, Wednesday morning, we got off the bus and breathed the French air.  Delicious.

I had heard the site was a good deal, so we used that to find a flat.  It was actually really nice to hang out in an apartment (i'm used to hostels) and it was in a decent location so all in all, I feel great about that decision.  And bonus!  There was a fantastic little boulangerie down the street that provided us with all the pastries/baguettes/happiness we could as for, and for a great (cheap) price.

Our visit to the Eiffel Tower was planned pretty close to perfect.  We got in line (which was ridiculously long) and spent our time up on top, hanging out, seeing the city.  And then we went into a gift shop.  And then when we got out, it was raining like crazy.  Which just meant we had an excuse to buy some pretty legit blue Paris ponchos.  Just lovely.

And then we ate a doner kebab.  The end.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good One!

1. Before getting on the boat tour  2. Westminster Abbey (a new fave)  3.  Westminster Abbey Ford shot
4. The best picture ever  5.  Windsor Castle  6.  In front of St. Pauls   7.  On St. Pauls (windy!) 
8. Faulty umbrella

Friday, June 22, 2012


I momentarily take a break in the review of our trip to talk about my Wednesday night whereabouts.

And because I feel like there are 208585 pictures of it coming up on the FB, it will be easy.

We had our YSA (mormon nonmarrieds) go and play in a freezing cold river!  

We started out in those rafts and I told everyone that if they pushed me in/tipped our raft, I would, and I quote, "kick them in the junk".  Then one of the married 'leaders' (i'm pretty sure we're around the same age) did it.  Sunday will be less than pleasant for him.

(the above photo is not of the married man.  this one is engaged, but we were just fighting to the death) 

A few thoughts on this event (warning: a couple boob references will be included):

1.  It was actually really fun.
2.  Everyone had to wear a life jacket.  I needed assistance in getting mine zipped up.  Breathing was difficult.
3.  At one point when I was being helped back onto the raft, one of my friends goes "Cindy...I think I just saw a little too much of you".  I can't help it if that mini life jacket also was one of the best push up bras I've ever had.  Sorry,'re welcome?
4.  The boys did a pyramid on one of the rafts.  I was pretty impressed.

5.  I lost one of my rings that I've worn every day for the last four or so years.  Sad.  
6.  Lots of them wore shoes during this activity.  I don't get it.
  7.  It was also a night of goodbyes.  I will miss these peoples.  Even if they are British.

(i promise you i didn't pee my pants...or did i?)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

the parentals in england

I was really excited to have my family come out to visit, but I was especially excited for my parents to come.  It was my Dad's first time leaving the country and my Mom, who moved around a lot when she was a kid because her dad was in the military (they lived in germany and france for awhile) had never been here before and she hadn't left the country since her family got kicked out of France in the 60's (right, mom?).

It was kind of fun having them come during the Queen's Jubilee because of all the extra excitement and patriotism associated with it (way more british flags than normal) but it was also more stressful because of the increase of people around here.  Our first full day here was the day of the flotilla (or as i like to call it, the boat parade) and we ended up around Westminster Abbey/Parliament/Big Ben, a very popular destination.  Probably should've thought that one through a little more.  We all lived, but Mom did get left behind at one point when they were doing traffic control down into the tube.  We told her to use her elbows...

My parents also demonstrated their natural abilities in photo bombing:


 And here are just some of my favorites of the two of them:

(i seriously love this one of them at the british museum.  so precious)

My mom was on the phone with my aunt and cousin who were back home taking care of my grandma.  The night before, in Colorado, there had been a pretty intense storm/tornado warning (not super common) and my mom was obviously enthusiastic about the events that transpired.  My dad...was not as excited.

JB and MC

Right now I'm listening to the new Justin Bieber tracks.  I haven't purchased the album yet, but I probably will.  Because why would I not?  It sounds prettttttty good (beauty and a beat feat. nikki minaj? yes please)

This only began after I had started the movie The Last Song (think: Miley Cyrus) but then turned it off because I told myself I needed to work on school stuff.  And that I could better listen to music/study than watch a movie/study.  I just know that movie would require too much concentration. 

In reality I am having another dance party in my room, not doing research, and trying to push the worries about my future out of my head.

I'm 12 years old.  Maybe 15.

Also, my hair is long enough to do this now: (!)

I'm so proud of it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One day in London

We went to the Tower of London one day when the fam was here.  I hadn't been before and I was excited to go. It was really interesting and we spent some time on a tour; I loved our beefeater tour guide.  Enough to take a plethora of photos of his face:

It also rained...all the time during the Ford's takeover of England, which was quite unfortunate.  We slipped into a Starbucks later on this same day (and a few other days) to grab some hot chocolate.  We also got cake for Aaron and sang him happy birthday.  A few others joined in as well.  It was a pretty good decision. But cake is always a good decision.  As are birthdays.

Get used to lots of collages, people.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, hello there

I'm back.

After a whirlwind of traveling, sore feet, delicious foods, matching t-shirts, and a variety good times, it's a little bit nice to be back to real life.  Although 'real life' right now isn't really that real for me.  And everything will change yet again in just a few days when I move back home.

Yes, back to Denver.  One week.  I keep doing this to myself.  It's what I do.

It's a little bit weird having to change life again, but I feel pretty good about this one.  Even if I am sad to be leaving.  England and I have had a rollercoaster relationship, but lately I've been feeling like its been pretty close to perfect.  And then it's time to leave.  On to the next ride!

I have close to 1300 pictures from the last three weeks-ish, and even though I know you probably want to see all of them, I will try to find the best ones for this blog.  Right now, just a teaser from the first few days:

 (this umbrella pic is probably in my top ten of the trip.  it was a bit rainy for a boat loved it)

(matching t-shirts on aaron's bday! bam, london.  and happy jubilee, queen)