Thursday, June 28, 2012

I also went to Paris

After the parentals and Erik left England, my brother Aaron and I hopped on a 9 hour bus ride to the one and only Paris.

I love Paris.

The bus ride wasn't really as bad as it sounds.  Since it was an overnight ride, I slept surprisingly well.  We had to get up and go out on the ferry when we crossed the English Channel, but that wasn't much of a problem.

And then, Wednesday morning, we got off the bus and breathed the French air.  Delicious.

I had heard the site was a good deal, so we used that to find a flat.  It was actually really nice to hang out in an apartment (i'm used to hostels) and it was in a decent location so all in all, I feel great about that decision.  And bonus!  There was a fantastic little boulangerie down the street that provided us with all the pastries/baguettes/happiness we could as for, and for a great (cheap) price.

Our visit to the Eiffel Tower was planned pretty close to perfect.  We got in line (which was ridiculously long) and spent our time up on top, hanging out, seeing the city.  And then we went into a gift shop.  And then when we got out, it was raining like crazy.  Which just meant we had an excuse to buy some pretty legit blue Paris ponchos.  Just lovely.

And then we ate a doner kebab.  The end.

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