Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, hello there

I'm back.

After a whirlwind of traveling, sore feet, delicious foods, matching t-shirts, and a variety good times, it's a little bit nice to be back to real life.  Although 'real life' right now isn't really that real for me.  And everything will change yet again in just a few days when I move back home.

Yes, back to Denver.  One week.  I keep doing this to myself.  It's what I do.

It's a little bit weird having to change life again, but I feel pretty good about this one.  Even if I am sad to be leaving.  England and I have had a rollercoaster relationship, but lately I've been feeling like its been pretty close to perfect.  And then it's time to leave.  On to the next ride!

I have close to 1300 pictures from the last three weeks-ish, and even though I know you probably want to see all of them, I will try to find the best ones for this blog.  Right now, just a teaser from the first few days:

 (this umbrella pic is probably in my top ten of the trip.  it was a bit rainy for a boat tour...dad loved it)

(matching t-shirts on aaron's bday! bam, london.  and happy jubilee, queen)

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