Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One day in London

We went to the Tower of London one day when the fam was here.  I hadn't been before and I was excited to go. It was really interesting and we spent some time on a tour; I loved our beefeater tour guide.  Enough to take a plethora of photos of his face:

It also rained...all the time during the Ford's takeover of England, which was quite unfortunate.  We slipped into a Starbucks later on this same day (and a few other days) to grab some hot chocolate.  We also got cake for Aaron and sang him happy birthday.  A few others joined in as well.  It was a pretty good decision. But cake is always a good decision.  As are birthdays.

Get used to lots of collages, people.  

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Natalie said...

A Ford collage??

My day is complete.