Thursday, June 21, 2012

the parentals in england

I was really excited to have my family come out to visit, but I was especially excited for my parents to come.  It was my Dad's first time leaving the country and my Mom, who moved around a lot when she was a kid because her dad was in the military (they lived in germany and france for awhile) had never been here before and she hadn't left the country since her family got kicked out of France in the 60's (right, mom?).

It was kind of fun having them come during the Queen's Jubilee because of all the extra excitement and patriotism associated with it (way more british flags than normal) but it was also more stressful because of the increase of people around here.  Our first full day here was the day of the flotilla (or as i like to call it, the boat parade) and we ended up around Westminster Abbey/Parliament/Big Ben, a very popular destination.  Probably should've thought that one through a little more.  We all lived, but Mom did get left behind at one point when they were doing traffic control down into the tube.  We told her to use her elbows...

My parents also demonstrated their natural abilities in photo bombing:


 And here are just some of my favorites of the two of them:

(i seriously love this one of them at the british museum.  so precious)

My mom was on the phone with my aunt and cousin who were back home taking care of my grandma.  The night before, in Colorado, there had been a pretty intense storm/tornado warning (not super common) and my mom was obviously enthusiastic about the events that transpired.  My dad...was not as excited.

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