Friday, June 22, 2012


I momentarily take a break in the review of our trip to talk about my Wednesday night whereabouts.

And because I feel like there are 208585 pictures of it coming up on the FB, it will be easy.

We had our YSA (mormon nonmarrieds) go and play in a freezing cold river!  

We started out in those rafts and I told everyone that if they pushed me in/tipped our raft, I would, and I quote, "kick them in the junk".  Then one of the married 'leaders' (i'm pretty sure we're around the same age) did it.  Sunday will be less than pleasant for him.

(the above photo is not of the married man.  this one is engaged, but we were just fighting to the death) 

A few thoughts on this event (warning: a couple boob references will be included):

1.  It was actually really fun.
2.  Everyone had to wear a life jacket.  I needed assistance in getting mine zipped up.  Breathing was difficult.
3.  At one point when I was being helped back onto the raft, one of my friends goes "Cindy...I think I just saw a little too much of you".  I can't help it if that mini life jacket also was one of the best push up bras I've ever had.  Sorry,'re welcome?
4.  The boys did a pyramid on one of the rafts.  I was pretty impressed.

5.  I lost one of my rings that I've worn every day for the last four or so years.  Sad.  
6.  Lots of them wore shoes during this activity.  I don't get it.
  7.  It was also a night of goodbyes.  I will miss these peoples.  Even if they are British.

(i promise you i didn't pee my pants...or did i?)


Katie Chandler said...

That pyramid is incredibly impressive!

M said...

I totally remember when we saw you at the concert...freaking awesome. Also, Question: what's wrong with peeing your pants? Answer: nothing.

Natalie said...

I'm an expert pee-er-in-the-river. As long as you're not wearing a dry suit or a wet suit, it's NBD. Actually, it's nice to swim in a warm spot of river for a change.

Come raft with us.

...But you can't wear my wet suit. Even though it's on hundred per cent washable. (Not that you want to.)