Friday, July 6, 2012

Candy is Important

There are lots of candy bars in the world.  

There are, in my opinion, an enormous amount of candy bars in the UK.  So many to choose from!  So many options!  How is one to really decide what is the best?

Well, the Ford's took this challenge under their belt (ha!) and decided to figure out what candy bar is the best candy bar.  And believe me when I say the Ford's know their candy bars.

One night, after going to Planet Hollywood for dinner (my first time ever eating there!  i was mostly impressed with their table settings as their paper place mat had celebrity high school photos and dwaye 'the rock' johnson made an appearance.  so it was almost like i was eating dinner with him).  It was also, however, the first time I've ever sent food back at a restaurant.  The chicken in my burrito was uncuttable.  I tried to cut it, over and over and over again, and I'm pretty sure it was made out of steel.  

Anyways, point is, next door to Planet Hollywood was a little convenience store and we bought like 30 candy bars.

I do not exaggerate when I say 30 candy bars.  There were so many! (ok i exaggerate. i just counted and there are only 20)

We made an official score board and cut each candy bar into equal divisions.  And then we partook.  And then we scored each candy.  And then we all got diabetes.  

We take candy very seriously.

And the winner is...Peanut Butter Kit Kat!  Just in case you were wondering.


Natalie said...

You know I love a good post about the Fords. And this is a good post about the Fords. BUT...

My husband, who spent three years of his childhood in England, is now upset that we live in America and don't have access to all these candy bars. Now I'm gonna have to come up with something epic for dinner to make him forget. That's a whole lot of pressure for a wife like me!

So thanks for rubbing it in our faces.

Mikelle and Nate said...

This is totally something that my family would do! We did it with zuccini bread recipes, maple bars, frozen yogurt, different kinds of apples....we are weird like you guys. :) Love it.

Cindy said...

haha Natalie! Had I known I would've brought you back some better-than-American candy bars! Next time.

Mikelle-you are the best! Can't wait to hear about Africa!