Wednesday, July 18, 2012


You guys.

I'm hanging out at a library again.  The public library.  I like the description my friend used. "It's like going to Walmart at midnight". I thought once before that I was never going to have to spend hours in the library again.  Because, as much as I really do love the library, right now it only means one thing.


I've been trying really hard to dedicate myself to this assignment, as it is pretty important.  I mean, my entire last year and thousands of dollars rest on the outcome of this paper.

One thing some of my professors have told me about my writing is that it 'does not sound academic.  I think sometimes I just fade into my normal writing voice when I'm writing my dissertation, and it is really hard not to.  And I'm just a little amazed because hello!  Wouldn't it be nice for academic writing to be more accessible?  Why use a four syllable word nobody knows when a two syllable word that everybody knows works just as well, only it might not sound as 'smart'?

So that's one of my biggest issues.  Sounding smart.  Who would've thought?

But don't worry.  That is only one of my problems.  There are plenty more where that came from.

And now I leave to you one of my personal mottos:

(thanks Blake)