Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On Home

I've been back in the USA USA USA for a few days now, and these are my thoughts on home.

It's pretty nice.  It's hot, but it's also not raining every day of my life.  And I can respect that.  I don't respect all the fire, though.  Just to be clear.

I still need to finish writing my dissertation, so I'm trying to go to the local library as much as possible.  It's easier to focus there and I actually like going, so its a win-win situation.  I needed to get a replacement library card because its been a few years since I'd gone, and the whole time I was there this was running through my head: 

Such a classic childhood/adolescent memory.  That show not only taught me to love the library, but it also taught me how to spell AARDVARK and that it was cool to celebrate half birthdays with half of a cake.

The librarian also asked me if I was over 18.  BOOYAH.  I am a child.

Since I've been home I've also had to remind myself constantly to stay on the right side of the road when I'm driving and that it's ok, and even encouraged, to say hello to strangers when I walk past them on the sidewalk.  Weird.

I also have the FB to remind me what I really need to focus on: single boys/dads who wear uniforms and play bubble safari.

Yeah.  Its good being home.

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