Friday, August 31, 2012


Warning: This is a whole blog post about tacos.

(hey guys! i'm done with my dissertation. which means life got way mo' betta.  it also means more consistent blogging. which we are all grateful for-amiright?)

Last weekend I went with a couple of my funniest friends on a self-proclaimed "Taco Tour".

Spoiler alert: I felt sick the next morning.  But it was still totally worth it.

Denver has a lot of great options when it comes to eating, especially when it comes to eating tacos or other Mexican delicacies.

My friend Alisa went and found some of the best hot spots (or, some sketchy taco places) via the always impressive internets and planned our route.

Four taco stands.

Ten tacos.

Ok, so the goal for everyone wasn't ten tacos.  It was just a personal goal.  Because I'm disgusting.

And not just any tacos.  I wanted to expand my taste buds.  New taco?  I'll try it.

The first place we went was in Mi Pueblo supermarket.  It was delicious.  Maybe the most delicious.  Let's just say we started on a high note.  Also, Jake got a pupusa.  It was fantastic.

(i felt especially cool when the lady started talking to me in spanish as i approached the counter.  i replied the best i knew how-in my mexican accent.  also jake is real good looking)

 (i am eating a tongue taco.  it was prettttty good.  and carne asada.  and coke.  so mexican)

(taco bandits) 

(taco place dos.  tacos y salsa.  it was also pretty good, some better than others, but still.  this place wins for environment. these two guys on the guitars were the best thing to happen to me.  i had a moment with guy on the right.  too bad he's probably taken)

(the trunk of this car was open and selling something right when we got to taco place three.  thats how you know its good.  also good sign? pineapple drank)

 (this was before we ate our tacos at this place.  it was the sketchiest of the three. and also resulted in the saddest results for me)

 (these are my tacos.  they look fine.  but when we look at the picture on the right, we see something special.  do you see it?  look a little closer. right hand side.  see it now?  HAIR.  HAIR FOLLICLES ON THE MEAT.  i ate it.  this was my last bite.  i looked down and BAM.  fun fact! taco de trompa? pig snout.
in my stomach)

 (by the time we made it to the last place, we were feeling pretty gross.  but also proud?  we had taco cabeza (aka head aka cheek as the waitress told us) and it was fine.  no hair follicles, so that was a win)

Of course when we finished we had to get dessert (because we wanted to induce vomiting, naturally) but we went to this fun little place with frozen yogurt and cupcakes.  Jake and I opted for the recommended Snickers cupcake and it did not disappoint.

It was a good night.

Also, side note also about tacos: have you tried the new Doritos taco from the always delicious Taco Bell?  A total win for everyone in the world.

Thus ends the taco blog.

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Natalie said...

Delicious and disgusting. All at once.