Friday, September 14, 2012

Follow up and Randoms

You guys. Thanks so much for voting. Thanks especially to the one person who voted eleven times in a row option c: "why do you still live at home.". It was really sweet of you to reinforce my adulthood. Or lack thereof. You know who you are. Actually, I know who you are, too, because you told me. Punk.

I'll do a full recap on the results of the survey early next week. Until then I just wanted to say a couple of important things.

I'm at the airport right now and the kid two seats away (I say kid but he's probably early 20s) is working real hard on a drawing of a girl on one half of the page and words on the other half. I can't read it all, but the top line says "to the most wonderful girl in the world".

Creepy. He doesn't even know me.

Also. My uncle who was in town this week really likes working on cars. So when he saw an old, unworking Pontiac sitting in front of our house he jumped to the challenge. I also jumped at the challenge because it could be driven by yours truly. I need a set of wheels.

If you had wanted to find me on Wednesday, you would've looked under the hood, or the body, of the car.

We did a couple intense things, including changing the fuel pump (obnoxious), and when we went to start it up?

Still didn't work. It was a tragic little day. But I guess I did get to inhale a substantial amount of gasoline. (bonus?)

Also I went to my first NFL game this weekend. Broncos vs. Steelers. It was maybe one of the best days ever.

Point is, friends: have a most awesome weekend. I know I will!

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Natalie said...

I'm out of commission for five days, and I return to your blog with bated breath.
You. Did. Not. Disappoint!
Oh, man. You are the relish on my hot dog of life. And I relish relish.