Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thoughts on a dissertation

Some call it a thesis.  Some call it a dissertation.

I call it a life-ruiner.  Or a time-consumer.  Or a problem child.  Or trouble.

But whatever the name, it is finally finished.

I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my dissertation being finished, because it took a long time.  And it deserves it.

Thus I will express my thoughts on the dissertation via poem.  
(because its saturday night and what else am i supposed to do? i don't have a dissertation to worry about anymore so i'm sure my poetry will flourish):

Academic Writing

Academic writing is finally over,
The capital of Delaware is a city named Dover.
Joe was a senator there, but that doesn't matter,
This poem is about English and how immigrants chatter.
In English not in their native tongue,
Because they want to live in England where they might get the black lung.
I wrote and I wrote and I wanted to cry,
But my library friends helped me not actually die.
I creeped on an old guy and took a few photos of him; (not like that)
He wore the same outfit multiple times-his name might be Jim.
There was also the kid who watched internet shows;
He was very enthused and would bang his hands and toes.
That was my crowd for the last few weeks,
In Colorado Springs you will find Pikes Peak.
So now I am confused at what I will do with my time,
Good thing Law and Order has marathons on all that crime.
After it was bound, my paper was 50 pages,
Too bad that probably won't change my future wages.
Anyways, I'm really happy that I don't have to write anymore,
Except on this blog, where I can write about tacos and chores.
(because i live at home)


Thanks for sticking with me through these hard times.  You will be blessed.

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