Monday, October 8, 2012

Dinners and more

I keep seeing that trailer for the last Twilight movie and can I just say that the blonde chick in it looks all too much like the Wayan brothers in White Chicks?  I mean, seriously:

(the one on the left)
(image via here)

(image via here)

I know you are all nodding your head in agreement right now.

Also, tonight the fam went to dinner at the local favorite Chili's.  It was going great but then grandma started dipping her sweet potato fries in her cinnamon apples and that's when we knew it was time to go.  She is just so creative when it comes to food.

Lastly, a few short movie reviews:

Pitch Perfect:  I loved it.  I laughed a lot (Fat Amy and the quiet Asian were the best) and I can always love a little a capella singing.

Trouble with the Curve: Most of the audience was over the age of 55.  They thought Clint Eastwoods old person humor was funny; I...didn't.  But Justin Timberlake made it bearable. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: I just saw this tonight.  I haven't read the book and it wasn't exactly what I was expecting; a little darker than I had anticipated.  I am currently undecided on my reaction to it.  

I would have also seen Taken 2 tonight (double feature!) but no one else was in the theatre so I couldn't sneak in.  I'll get you next time, Liam.

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