Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Estate Sales

Things I've Purchased from Estate Sales

(a poem)

It started out as a bit of a joke,
I wanted to go through peoples houses and buy stuff (because I'm broke).
The first place we went I found an old projector screen,
In perfection condition!  It I did glean.
Now it's sitting my closet just waiting to be used,
It might stay there, it might not; I myself am confused.
There was that one place that had a fur coat-one that fit!
Fifteen bucks is all it cost, but too many holes made me pass on it.
Slowly I've been adding to my record collection;
At the last house we went to I found a record player (perfection!)
Now when I buy records it's not all for naught,
For I can play them!  Yes!  What a brilliant thought!
Along with these finds I've bought some dead womens jewelry,
When I wear it I feel like I can get away with tomfoolery.
A blue feather wig will surely come out on a special occasion,
Maybe when I'm hanging out with an Asian?
One estate sale had a bunch of old CD's for purchase,
TLC, Mariah Carey, NOW (none that can be played in churches)
All of these things I needed to buy,
Without them I might have wanted to cry.
I can't imagine my life without those old books from 1904,
Or the pages dedicated to the stories of an old English war.
Some houses are pretty and some make me feel gross,
The smells permeating through the halls make us say 'adios'.
Yes, I have needed everything I have got-
Even those tarot cards, from that one house, that one time, I bought.


(sometimes life is hard and we have to say no to certain things...like that Native American statue...or that dead animal skin/fur)


Rachel said...

I wish you and I lived closer together so we could go Estate Sale-ing together. Sounds glorious. P.S. Because you are a Biden expert, I thought I'd ask what you think about the latest Daily Beast article that says Ryan is more likeable than Biden: http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2012/10/10/poll-ryan-favored-over-biden.html . I need to know what the expert thinks.

Jill said...

I hope you didn't pass on the bird clock that chirps a different bird chirp at each hour. That is a must-have.