Friday, October 5, 2012

Political Update

I know you have all been waiting for me to write a little ditty (not to be confused with p.diddy) on the first head to head political debate from this past Wednesday.

My brothers roommate (who will remain nameless because he is a ginger and if you don't have a soul you don't get a name) hosted a debate watching party of which I attended.  It was kind of a bold move going to watch it there, because while I am a registered independent (aka afraid of commitment), my political leanings went against 99% of the rest of those in attendance.  In fact, most heckling and disappointed glances were thrown my way whenever a certain Mr. President spoke.

I think my favorite part was when they were talking about Obamacare (stick with me, here) and Barack (we're on a first name basis) mentioned how you could still be on your parents insurance up until age 26.  My very lovely (and funny) (and thoughtful?) friends sitting behind me start making fun of anyone who, at that age, would need to still be relying on their parents for insurance, or anything really.

Sometimes the truth stings.

Anyways, the debate was held here in Denver and I really wish I could have gone to see it in person; alas, my dreams did not come true and I was stuck watching it with Mitt Romney's fan club.  Which is cool.  You guys, I'm going to be honest here and say I haven't decided who I am voting for yet.  So all those dirty glances on Wednesday night?  Maybe not even worth it.  I hope you get wrinkles.  

The debate was everything I thought it would be and more: two middle aged guys chatting and making unrealistic promises, going over their time limit, trying to incorporate as many zings! against the other person as possible, crazy statistics, a poor Jim Lehrer who was maybe the worst part of the whole evening, and ties that matched up with their party color.  If that doesn't scream America, then I don't know what does.

I will say that election years make me happy and I don't even mind all the horrible ads and commercials from both sides of the fence.  Plus (bonus!) more Joe Biden everywhere (i am most excited about next weeks VP debate and am planning a drinking game every time joe says 'folks') (my drink will be kept cool in my joe beer cozy, fyi).

Those are my thoughts.


Natalie said...

You're still even considering President Obama's reelection after that whooping he took?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I thought your stay in England would have helped you to care about the future of our country.
((sigh)) I can't disown you, nevertheless. Though you could do without me, your blog is too compelling, and your review of tacos is paramount to my ingestion of them.

Sarah said...

This is so great! Like you, I have had a countdown going til the Veep Debate! I just wrote a whole post on the word "folks." So thanks for the drinking game idea. That's perf.

stewedslacker said...

Somewhere, in a dim Orem basement apartment, a bald guy is giving you a very dirty look indeed.
Biden... of all the people to admire.