Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Success

I know that its already Wednesday, but my weekend was pretty good.  

Friday started with a visit to the nail salon where the brother and mother and I got some pampering.  The girls at the salon totally remembered us, too.  Or they at least remembered Brian.

Then we sang together in the car.  Because we're champions.

During the salon visit, my friend Jana texted me and said we should do a chocolate fountain that night.  I never say no to a chocolate fountain.

We ate a disgusting amount of chocolate and played an almost endless competition of Mario Kart.  I made it to the podium once!  That is pretty good for me (i am usually in 12th place.  not a champion). 

After hitting up a couple more estate sales on Saturday, it was time to counteract the white trash-ness of it all with a trip to the ballet.  My favorite part of any live orchestra performance (ballet, opera, symphony, etc) is when the musicians are all warming up before it starts and it sounds all confused, and then the conductor comes out and BAM!  They start in perfect harmony.  I love it so much.

This weekend also included Mexican food, an impromptu dance party, a long Sunday nap, and Grandma yelling for my mom.


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Logg said...

I'd like to think that you have a Colorado equivalent of all your friends in Utah, except that have one less 'N' in their name. For instance, Janna becomes your friend Jana. Loga, Jill Crae, Darre, Katie Ducan, Rachel Quada (ok that last one doesn't work)