Monday, November 19, 2012


Not long ago my parents kept talking about how they were hearing a small animal up the attic.  The animal would burrow in a corner up there, right above their bedroom.  I thought they were making it up...until Dad came home with an animal trap.  We talked about shooting whatever animal was making home in our home, but there was rumor that it wouldn't be safe to do that.  Or legal.

Fast forward to last Thursday evening.  I'm chillin' up in my room, surfing the interwebs and probably listening to some really good music, when I hear my mom and my brother downstairs mention a squirrel.  In the house.  I keep doing my thing, because I don't really process what I'm hearing right away.

But once I hear people running through the house I realize what is happening.  

There is a squirrel in the house!

I wish all of you could have seen what happened next.  My two brothers and I chased the squirrel around the house, while mom kept look with a broom in hand at the bottom of the stairs, waiting and hoping to push the animal into the direction of the door and the great outdoors.  We looked awesome.  Erik was trying to catch it in one of those collapsible laundry hampers, Kris seemed a little scared of the squirrel but kept up the chase, and I was handed a little pointer stick with a foam finger on the end, which I used to try and coerce the rodent out from under my brothers bed (and hopefully into the hamper) (pictured below: the squirrel under my brothers bed.  it stayed there awhile so i thought it wanted its picture taken).

It was really one of the most entertaining things ever to happen.  The squirrel would run downstairs, mom would try to direct it, it would go in the opposite direction, it would run and hide under the couch, we would lift the couch, it would run into another corner and then out of the room.  Then it would run back upstairs.  

And we chased it.  We chased it like fat kids are chasing down Hostess products right now.

Then, at just the right moment...Erik caught it!  The hamper worked.  In the family room he victoriously held up the squirrel that was trapped where it belonged...

...until it escaped.  

Maybe because I was taking a picture of Erik holding up the trapped squirrel victoriously.  And then maybe the little/big guy jumped out.

Well, we chased it awhile longer, but then it seemingly disappeared.  And we couldn't find it.

There were a couple sightings (not by me) the next couple days, but they only resulted in failed attempts of capture.

Then, like a Sabbath day miracle, on Sunday I get this picture message while I am at church:

One word accompanied it:


I've never had more Fordpride.

(also, on a completely unrelated note, cheetos has come up with a success of its own.  bam!) 


Jill said...

Bahaha. I'm proud of Kris for keeping up the pursuit even if he was a bit scared. Rodents are kind of terrifying.
Also, you know flaming hot puffs will make an appearance at the final #bearlake2012 trip.

Katie Chandler said...

Ha! The foam finger!