Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kind of Tired

So I started a job this week.

How monumental is that!  Pretty big.  This week has been/will be purely training, and so while it's nice because it's not the actual work yet, it's kind of building up the position to be more intense than I think most of  us anticipated.  But as the week progresses I'm also getting more and more excited about it.

You know what I'm not excited about?  Something I have taken for granted for so long?  Sleeping in.

Waking up at 6 am is such a buzzkill.  How do people do this all the the time?  Also...traffic?  I had no idea I hated it so much until I had to drive in it...three days in a row.  My life is so hard.

JK.  It's pretty awesome.  Minus waking up so early.  But even then I find that after the first ten minutes I'm good.  And I've been taking showers everyday (also a sign i'm growing up) and that kind of helps wake me up.  I guess.  I still would rather sleep/do anything really than take a shower.  

I work in a middle school now, and I can go into more details about it later when my brain is working mo' betta, but yesterday while standing in the hallway, some random guy (he works in the school but we haven't met him yet) started talking about how excited he was for the cafeteria lunch that day: sloppy joes.  No joke-he mentioned sloppy joes seven times in two minutes.  And the grin on his face was just pure joy.

I think we'll get along.

Also Drake (the rapper) was playing on the radio in the staff room when we went on a tour of the building.

This school and I were made for each other.

Oh and remember how this happened yesterday?

I'm just glad I got to wear my Joe Biden t-shirt again.


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