Friday, November 2, 2012


So at this exact moment I'm in line to cast my vote for the next President of the United States and Amendment 64 (oh heyyy marijuana?). I've been in line for about 30 minutes and you know what? I don't even mind. I love that we can vote. And that we do vote. I love the contentious words spewed out at every turn because it tells me people care. Even if there are tons of crazies! Even if their views are 100% opposite of mine. Do we think about and consider how lucky we are? Because we really are.

I am also feeling lucky because while I am writing this, I am eavesdropping on a conversation going on three people ahead of me.  So far I've learned the following about the girl doing most of the talking:
-She wears size 7.5 shoes
-Her blood type is A-
-She doesn't eat beef
-She has what she simply refers to as 'the rheumatoid'
-She wears a different pair of shoes every day, as well as gel inserts
-Her mom has lupus and 'the rheumatoid'

I have no idea how this girl (probably around my age) incorporated all of these topics into a conversation with a mom and her 18 year old daughter.  In fact, I am a little impressed.  And also slightly weirded out.  And grateful that I wasn't standing there in line, because I don't think I could have lasted the entire conversation. 

And this, this is America.

(Who's excited for Tuesday?!)

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