Thursday, December 6, 2012

Circle of Life

Last night I went to my little brothers choir concert.  It's kind of fun being in the audience of something I was so obsessed with when I was in high school.  Those show choirs...they are full of little gems.  Like the most unenthusiastic dancers and singers I have ever witnessed.  And boys without rhythm doing horrible choreography.  I like to think it wasn't so bad when I was singing in it, but it probably was.

Also, there was a girl wearing a scrunchie and a boy with bleached tips.  What year is it?

On a related note, my family put down one of the dogs last week.  I didn't even notice.  My brother mentioned it to me last night when we were talking about Christmas lists (don't judge me: i always write down 'get rid of the dogs' on my lists) and he was like "we did that last week!" and I had no idea.  It was mostly dead, anyways, so don't think I'm being too insensitive here.

Or maybe I am.

All I know is that the Christmas season started early for me.


Kasi French said...

Can you please write every day?!?! Or can I create a pocket version of you to have always, providing thoughts to induce laughter! Please and thank you.

Logg said...

Stories about dead dogs make me inexplicably sad. I'll be sensitive for the both of us.

Natalie said...

Please tell me the dog's name was Rudolph.

Jill said...

People still wear scrunchies.

and I'll be sad with Logey about the dogs.