Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My thoughts on...

Les Mis.

The movie.

I love the stage version of it.  I love the music.  There are some songs that will always give me those chills. The ones you can't help to feel every time you hear the opening chords.

The movie?  Here are my thoughts (also if you loved the movie you might not like this.  not because i hated it-i enjoyed it-but i don't think its as amazing as everyone is saying it is...)

First off: Eponine.  I really liked her; I thought they done good putting her in the film version (and way mo' betta than the rumored Taylor Swift.  i mean, i love t-swift, but i don't know if she could've pulled this off) but can we talk about her waist?  

It is the size of my wrist.  I mean, I know I have big wrists.  But still. 

Secondovely, Russell Crowe.  I keep hearing he did such an amazing job.  But Javert?  I've always felt so much hatred for this character.  I loathed him.  But Crowe made me kind of like him.  The entire time you feel like he is justified because he's doing his job.  Which is true. But I didn't think he had the passion for the role-the passion for finding Jean Valjean-that he is meant to possess.  

Thirdly.  This takes a lot to admit.  I haven't really loved Anne Hathaway since The Princess Diaries, so I was nervous about how I would react to her as Fantine.  I don't know if I just had created lowered expectations or what, but I actually thought she did impressively well.  

Lastly, Marius.  I didn't like his voice.  I said it.  I loved Enjolras and wish he had been Marius, but that's just me.  The rest of the cast was fine.  The story is so beautiful that the film was good, but people who are saying its the best thing ever are weird to me.  I mean, I think its worth a viewing, but I didn't cry in it.  Nor did I walk away thinking it was life-changing.  But that could also be because I am heartless.  Debatable.

And those are my thoughts on the movie version of Les Mis.  



Natalie said...

I haven't seen it yet. Same with Titanic.

But, my preliminary thoughts almost echo yours exactly.

Except for Hathaway. I'm determined to continue my dislike-since-the-Diaries.

Jill said...

I feel the same way about Anne! I maybe liked her in one movie after Princess Diaries. And that would be Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. But then again, maybe I just liked Chris Pine in that movie enough that I don't remember not liking her anymore. But I was impressed here.

Also, foreals on Eponine's waist. That was the first thing I noticed any time she appeared on screen. Distracting.