Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fordpride announcements

I wanted to pretend like I had some important things to say, so I put announcements in the title of this post.

And I mean, while what I'm about to say is really important, its not really important.  But it is.  Get it?

Like, can we talk about how Destinys Child is releasing new music?  Beyonce announced this today and BAM.  Excitement.  I mean, she'll probably need to make some more money sometime.  They're probably getting pretty strapped for cash, her and Jay-z.  All that time with Barack and Michelle is hurting their game.  Plus, they need some attention now that Kanye and Kim K are pregnant.  Blue Ivy will still come first in my book.  Such a gem.  But I am excited for new Destinys Child.  Because I am a survivor.

(bsb sans pants.  dreamy)

Next, I just have to make sure you know that my #1 boy band is and always will be BSB.  But, hanging out with 7th graders all day has turned me to the world of One Direction.  It all started when a couple of my students continually came to class gushing about the boys of 1D, spouting out that their favorite was Harry, or Zane.  It brought me back to my own 7th grade gushings (or...last week gushings?) about Nick and Brian.  So, upon receiving an iTunes gift card in my stocking from Santa, I decided I would make the leap.  I would buy the One Direction album.

You guys.  Its kind of catchy.  I mean, some of the lyrics are...questionable?  Meaning ridiculous and lame and some don't really make sense.  But at least they seem grammatically correct (one of my favorite things is BSB's song All I have to give wherein the boys ask, "does his gifts come from the heart?).  Truth be told, I have been jamming out to 1D frequently in the last week or so.  It probably is just making me feel like I'm cool and current, still, but I'm reminded how old I am when my students tell me I can't say certain things (PSYCH).

Now, I'm sure all of you are loving this discussion on boy bands and seemingly mediocre music, but I will move on.

I like BET.  I still don't really know if I'm allowed to like BET, or say I like it, but I do.  Sometimes.

That's all.

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