Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have one student who has been openly hateful towards me since we first met. Like, he tells me he hates me and my class. To my face. Several times a day.
I've never been so openly resented before in my life, so it mostly makes me laugh. The amount of anguish he feels when he walks in and sits down is tangible; he counts down the minutes as soon as he gets there and rushes out as soon as the bell rings.
I love it.
However, something has changed in this student in the last couple days and he has been less hateful towards me. We laugh together now. It's very strange, but welcome. He still doesn't love it, but I feel like he doesn't hate it as much.

Today I was talking to this student and he pointed to my calendar on the wall. Currently the photo for February is this:

So maybe I got a 1D calendar. So what.
Anyways, my student, out of the blue, asks "Do you think that guy has a five-head?"
I laughed. I was impressed he had heard of the five-head. And lucky for me, I had my bangs pulled back today. I looked at him and said, "Whats wrong with a five-head?"
I demonstrated my five-head status. Proving that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with it
Student came back with a ZINGER though, and a realization I had never before entertained.
He said, "But Miss, you have giant hands. A normal persons hands would make you have an eight-head or something".

(A for the truth. And for sadness)

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Natalie said...

I, also, have an eight-head. My fringe is about twelve inches long. I've been trying my whole life not to be upset about this. My sister has, like, a two-head. It's not fair.

The good thing is that I can do an impressive face-palm, and you know there are TONS of opportunities to get that loud SLAP! in. So..