Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I got my wisdom teeth out on Saturday.

I thought it was a good compromise to my bunion surgery from two years ago.  I like to balance my 80-year old side with the acne and wisdom teeth removal of a teenager.

The entire ordeal wasn't super bad; in fact, I don't remember most of it.  But it has resulted in a permanent state of hunger and some face pain.  Which has in turn led to high consumption of ice cream and gogurt. Delicious, but only for so long.

Mostly I've been sleeping the last three days.  Which is boring.  So this will lead us to another topic.

The student who made fun of my forehead (eight-head) two weeks ago started making fun of my eyebrows last week.  This kid is brutal!  It's like he knows every insecurity of my life and he has a goal to bring all of it to surface.  Either he has remarkable insight for a 12 year old, or I was insecure for good reason.

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