Thursday, February 7, 2013

You guys

These are my confessions:

I'm kind of excited to see that movie Safe Haven.  There, I said it.

I'm extremely and weirdly interested in the fetus growing in Kim Kardashians uterus.  I don't really know why...but it probably has to do with Kanye being the daddy.  Mostly I want to know what it will look like.  And if it will go on play dates with Blue Ivy.  And if Kanye will write a rap song about the baby like Jay-z did.  Also, I'm really glad Beyonce and Jay had a baby before Kimye because for some reason it's better that way.  I have more to say about this but I'll stop here.  As you can see, it's already gone too far.

I've been going to the gym so that I can run without feeling like I want to die.  I don't feel like I'm going to die as much anymore, but I still hate running.  Can someone please help me love it?  I don't know if it's possible.

Justin Bieber is a genius and has suckered me, along with millions of other people, into buying the same songs over and over again.  But the fact that its acoustic really does matter!  If you haven't got JB's new acoustic album, get it now.  It is delicious and heart-wrenching.  And yes, it is ok to like JB and 1D both.

One of my students does Mexican wrestling.  How awesome is that?  She has a mask and everything. On a related note, I'm a little scared of her now.

I want to get a summer job overseas.  Shocking, right?  Please tell me this is possible.

This is one of my most favorite paintings ever:


I'm getting my wisdom teeth out soon.  I'm excited to eat a lot of pudding.

Lastly, I'm trying to start a choir at my school.  The hope is find the next Lauryn Hill like Whoopi did in Sister Act 2.  It would be joyful, joyful.


Natalie said...

If you find out the secret to enjoying running, pass it on to me, please. There are a million other ways I would prefer to die. Like laughing or eating myself to death. But I'm super proud of you. I have a house full of toddlers, so that's they only way I know how to express my joy that you are accomplishing wonders.


(I am so proud of you)

Jill said...

The best way to run on a treadmill is if Law and Order is on the TV.

I had no desire to see Safe Haven, but then I was going to go to a free early showing, and then I was disappointed when it was sold out. So maybe I did want to see it? But then we saw Skyfall again instead, so it was ok.

You can for sure like JB and 1D. I have a Spice Girls song stuck in my head right now. One that was never a single.

The End.