Sunday, March 10, 2013


"Would you wanna have one french fry, or three?


-Lil Jon

Sometimes I learn so much from Celebrity Apprentice.  Like it is always better to have three french fries instead of one.

Lately I have also been learning from lots of other different things in my life.

I learned that if someone throws their drink on a drag queen during drag queen bingo, that drag queen on which the drink was thrown will complain about it the entire four games of bingo.  And she will not be saying nice things.

Along the same lines, I learned that drag queen bingo is probably not appropriate for children under 58.  Or most Mormons.

I learned that Oz The Great and Powerful is not good.  There were some parts that were just painful to watch.  I was thinking about writing a full review of it, but mostly I was disappointed in it.  And that's all.

Going to a job fair yesterday during a blizzard taught me that there are a lot of other desperate job seekers trying to find a job for next school year.  And that high-fiving one of the guys who interviewed me probably wasn't the most professional move to make.  But it happened.  

(insert: donald trump just spent like three minutes talking about his hair on CA.he showed his hair it)

I'm also learning a lot about Ice-T from his biography.  He says Flava Flav is just as crazy in real life as he seems.  And Ice is bff's with Chris Rock and Wesley Snipes.  And he used to be a pimp.  Legit.

All of this is proof that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

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