Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Caveman duties

Today I've been thinking about what it would have been like living in caveman times.  I don't know the official time period name, so caveman times is what I will be using.  You know what I mean.

I've been specifically thinking about what it would have been like to figure out what things are good to eat and what things are not as good to eat.  As I was eating my banana this morning, I was basking in the glory of whomever decided to somehow open up a banana and eat it.  And then share it with all his/her caveman friends.

I'd like to think I would have been the cavewoman who sacrificed her undeveloped palate to eat various things and give them the go-ahead.  

Bark-not good.
Rocks-too hard
Leaves/grass-not very good, but depends on the type
Deer-(yes, lets shoot this giant animal with an arrow and hope it doesn't attack)-love them burgers
Pineapple-(seriously, who thought of breaking one of those prickly guys open?)-fantastic
Ants-not worth the hassle

(confession: i think i actually have eaten everything on the above list, so opinions are tried and true)

But seriously, do you think someone had that job?  I'd do it.

In other news, anyone want to find me a job come June?  Thanks.

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