Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hair and love

Today one of my students (you know the one-the gem who comments on my forehead and eyebrows) asked me if I was losing my hair.  Well actually he started the conversation by asking if women could go bald 'here', pointing to a particular location on his head.  Then he asked me if I was losing my hair.  

Now I'm insecure about balding.  Thanks, kid.

But really I'm not.  I just had pulled my hair back and so it looked like I was balding.  And my hair wasn't washed in the previous 24 hours so maybe that also had something to do with it.  (my hair still isn't washed just so you know) (soon).

This kid.  

I've realized I broke my promise of blogging every day for the month of April (i was doing so good, too!) but this weekend I just didn't and then yesterday I was too overwhelmed with emotions to write.  Boston tore me up a little bit inside, hurting my heart enough to not formulate a sufficient sentence.  I stared at my screen and wrote and deleted and repeated the cycle so many times last night, just because I couldn't figure out exactly what to write.  

Ultimately, I remember that humanity is good.  That sometimes sucky things happen in the world and sometimes they change us drastically and sometimes we ignore the sadness because we can't handle it.  But mostly, those people who are around us every day, those people we pass by on the streets or in our cars-they don't wish any ill on us.  They're trying their best to live the best way they know how, and they hope the same for us.  And so the only way we can counter the negative is just simply to serve and love others.

Let's just love each other.

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