Sunday, April 21, 2013


I went to a math conference yesterday.  Well, probably better said a math education conference.  It is one place I never imagined myself in.

Growing up, I was never a math person.  I craved the humanities.  Math and science were just classes to be passed and formulas to memorize.  Give me an English class.  Truth be told, I never took a math class in college; I got out of it because French somehow fulfilled the requirement.  Dream come true.

Fast forward to current day and...I teach math.  I work with students who hate math.  We understand each other because we have a common enemy: fractions. linear equations. numbers. 

I don't really hate it as much anymore.  And I actually like teaching it way more than I thought I would.  Now, fractions=fun! (kinda)

But let us go back to the math conference.

So many nerds in one place.

And they all love math SO MUCH.

We were volunteers so that meant we got a cool math t-shirt.  And we got to attend conferences with titles like "Fractions-The F word in Math".

You could write in a word to describe how you would "make math more _____" Naturally, I crossed out the re so mine would read 'mo betta'.  Most of the nerds wrote something like "aweΣ"

Other math signs that made me feel out of place.

More nerds.

Some coworkers who were really excited about some freebies we got.

...And the measurements of the giant blue bear outside of the Denver Convention Center.  Just in case you wanted to know what size pants to buy him.

All in all, it was a day to be remembered.
(BYU had a booth there and I got this sweatband for being an alumni.  Best freebie ever and also made me look really professional)

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Katie Chandler said...

Ha! Love the sweatband