Monday, April 8, 2013

Snow Day

I had Spring Break a couple weeks ago and I think I was more excited than I had ever been in my life.  I hadn't had a real Spring Break in years; probably since I was in school.  I was able to go on vacation and visit good friends (to be blogged, I'm sure), and most importantly, I didn't have to work.

The world has shined (...or the opposite) down on me again by giving me a snow day tomorrow.  A mere 8 days after our beloved Spring Break, we get a random day off because of one of Colorado's freak blizzards.

This makes me so happy.

There have been a couple days where I thought we would get a snow day, but to no avail.  So this time around I used the power of opposite thinking.  I spent the whole day telling myself that driving to work will suck tomorrow, and that it won't be worth it because half of the students won't even come if its snowing.

And it worked.  And we got our snow day.

My plans include: sleeping in, catching up on Project Runway, looking for a job/future plans, and maybe cleaning my bathroom.  And I am legitimately excited about each one of those things.

Oh April.  You and your icy, windy snow.  I love you so much right now.


(my work peeps.  i'll miss them so much tomorrow)

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