Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day

Today was teacher appreciation day.

To me, this meant starting the day with a phone interview for a summer ESL camp.  I love me a phone interview.

Especially when a squirrel comes by and steals my gifted donut, so perfectly placed just next to me on the curb outside.  Not a foot away from me, and this squirrel takes control of my day.  

Also, it is here I will mention that it might have been the same squirrel my students named last week.  I was quite proud when they told me they named him "Juan Two Three".  So clever.  (we call him JTT for short. sometimes he likes to learn with us).

It was mostly a mediocre day, as far as teaching goes.  But the school day ended with my very first apple.


And then we went to Chipotle, where they were having a buy one-get one free special for educators.  The line around the entire inside of the restaurant just goes to show you that they do not pay teachers enough.  A free burrito was totally worth the 20 minute wait in line.

School is cool, yo.

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