Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh it's almost August?

Turns out I've been sucking at this whole blog thing.  It's a trend I've found recently as some of my peeps have stopped blogging as much.  Mostly, though, those people are pregnant or recently babied and I am not either of those things so I have no good excuse.

Except pure laziness.

Too bad this summer of fun is over in just about a week, when I'll have to return to work like a real adult.  I'm looking forward to pursuing my vocational goals but I'm also not looking forward to having to wake up earlier in the day and wearing pants on a regular basis.

I seriously don't wear pants very often these days.  Too much work.  Also, its like a million degrees outside and I don't appreciate fabric when it gets that hot.

My summer has also been full of movie watching.  I've gone to a lot of movies.  I want you think about what a lot of movies would be and then double it.  That's how many movies I've gone to this summer.  I also went on a few hikes but then I stopped a couple weeks ago to savor not having to do anything.  Maybe I'll do one more.  Maybe.

In reality, I'm super nervous about starting a new job.  And moving.  And making more adult decisions.  It'd be easier for me to move to Turkey at this point, but for some reason, moving 30 minutes away is terrifying.  I am excited to put my giant dream catcher above my bed and decorate my apartment entirely with estate sale finds.  It'll probably smell weird.  Whatevs.

Please encourage me to blog more.  I do like/miss it.

(rockies games. i love them)


Rachel said...

I want you to blog more! I also want to hear about your estate sale finds!

Katie Chandler said...

My excuse is also laziness, laziness in writing and laziness to do something cool to write about. I made a goal for myself that I needed to make Scott do something cool so I can blog at least once a week.

Justin and Coralie said...

For the record -

1. Pants are overrated.
2. I want to blog more too and I have been working on it. I'm only like 2 weeks behind. That's NOTHING. Cake. So - let's be blog friends again.
& 3... I don't actually have a 3, but 2 sounds lame. Ahh well. Here's to being lame. ;)

blakecgriffin said...

I like this blog.