Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Logic is gone

I've been trying to cut off my relationship with the one and only Dr. Pepper (and other delicious carbonated beverages) and it is hard.


But not impossible.

This has resulted in some kind of horrible logic in my life.

Like at the movies, I say to myself, "Ah man, I really want a Dr. Pepper....noooo I won't get it.

I'll get nachos instead!"

And so then I get nachos.  Probably a lot healthier than DP, right??

I've also told myself that Icees and Hi-C's are more acceptable.

It's been a rough 5 days


Rachel said...

The only thing that helped me get of Diet Coke was soda water. I craved the bubbles. Now I only feel mild withdrawals when I'm out to eat and can't get at DC.

San Ba Po said...

club soda or fruit flavored soda water helps me to curb the regular soda :)