Monday, January 6, 2014


Sometimes you just gotta eat some pizza in bed.  And not even be mad about it.  And then think about how you're eating the same foods you ate in college...and then you realize you're still a child who only makes adult decisions sometimes.

In conclusion, I'm a poser.  I'm posing to be an adult.

But also, it is only 8 pm and I'm already ready for bed (no pants!).  I love that this is an option in my life anytime I want it to be.

Here is my story for the day.  I went to Utah over the weekend because little bro had to make it to BYU (go cougs, rarr) and while I was out to dinner with a couple of my besties, spying on our other bestie who was on a date, we had a very interesting conversation with the manager at the restaurant.  We'll call this manager...Malcolm.  Mostly because he had pretty sweet glasses and reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell, but also because his name was Malcolm.  He told us.

Malcolm was an interesting man.  But he did hook us up with free desert so weird is acceptable.

Turns out this guy was raised in England and studied ballet (normal?).  When he wanted a change, however, he decided to move to Japan and lived there for ten years.  TEN YEARS!  That's a long time.  Even better than that, Malcolm was a TV personality in Japan.  (aka my dream job). Totally jealous of that.  Since being back, he has studied for and taken the LSAT and was going to start law school last fall, but instead took a job offer as a manager at a restaurant.  Interesting choice, good sir....

Anyways, this whole interaction just reminded me that every human has a story.  Sometimes the stories are weird and terrifying and some are depressing and sad.  But mostly they're real and human and relateable in surprising ways.  And that is why I love humans the most; you can always find something to connect on.

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