Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Important Things

The last month has flown by, and I have some pretty good updates for you to enjoy.

Also, I just washed my car and I exerted a lot of energy doing that, so forgive me if I make mistakes typing.  

(fun fact: i got home from work not more than 15 minutes ago and I am already not wearing pants)
(good day great day)

So, one of my 'tough' students was trying to hold the door closed the other day, preventing some girls from entering the classroom.  I went up and easily opened the door.  Not missing an opportunity to rub this in his face (i'm a good teacher), I told him "Don't even try-I'm so much stronger than you".  This eventually led to us arm wrestling to prove the strongest of them all.  He was immediately disappointed when he lost to me (twice) but today he declared that he wasn't trying all the way.  Yeah yeah...whatever, kid. I am the champion. 
 I need this win. 

It was pretty cold last Wednesday.  And somehow, the heating went out in our school.  Which meant school was cancelled!  It was a glorious day.  My coworkers and I decided we couldn't go a day without seeing each other, so we met up for some brunch and shopping, split up for awhile, and reconvened for some pho for dinner.  Pho is delicious.  The restaurant was packed that night, and we ended up sharing a large table with another party.  They were a little bit more...interesting...than us, and Mark, the larger gentleman with long hair and hippie-like exclamations, was very generous, even sharing his chicken with us.  Turns out Mark owns a karaoke business.  Turns out Mark is my new best friend.  
(ok not yet, but he will be).

Also, this happened, which is a real reason for a sadness in my heart:

Seriously one of the saddest days in recent history.  Why, Peyton, why??

But then this was a pretty accurate quiz result.  Thanks, internet, for being so true.

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