Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taste Test

I went to a Red Robin taste test tonight.

How did this happen, you ask?  Well, it started with just an email, and it ended tonight with me going to the grocery store to buy 10 lbs of fruit and veggies to forgive myself of this decision.

Ok but really, somehow I ended up on their email list forever ago and every few weeks they email about a taste test in the Denver area.  And I finally just did it.  Because a.) free dinner and b.) a $50 gift card for Red Robin just for doing it.  A win-win in every sense of the word.

But also, still, maybe a loss for my future and America. 

I walked into the location where the taste test is, hoping I'd make a new friend and get some french fries with my burger.  

Nope.  I walk in and there are just a few chairs with sad humans sitting in them.  No one is talking to each other; you know the only reason these people came was for the burgers. And burgers they got.

After a short wait, you file back into a room with five booths.  Each person gets their own private booth, as to not let anyone sway their opinions on the burgers they were about to consume.  There is a little sliding window and someone gives you your first burger.  All you do is take a few bites, answer a few questions on an iPad, and then return whatever leftovers before getting the next burger.  Four burgers later, and I never wanted Red Robin again.  But not really, because I got $50 to spend there now!

It was both beautiful and disgusting.  And also, just kind of weird.  

 I, of course, gave really profound and welcome feedback.  Because that's how I do.